We are just like you.  I have a full-time job.  I am also like you and  have been out of work.  For me it was 2 years  out of work after working for a company for 14 years.  I was a valuable employee and just like that, I was out of work.  I packed my family picture on my desk and my countless awards and certificates that mean nothing to my current employer and left the company I thought I would retire with.   Today, I am thankful for my job even though it is frustrating and aggravating and I sometimes dread going to work; but it is better than the alternative.  Like you, we had countless garage sales giving away stuff pennies on the dollar because our savings account is no more.  No more retirement.   Like you, we have sold on online auction sites selling family items and unwanted Christmas gifts.

Like you, and many of you on these sites, we are a couple trying to make the glass half full instead of half empty; to see the light at the end of the tunnel.   “Hope and Change” does not come from the government but it comes from within with the grace of God and confident in ourselves.

We are proud to introduce our very own website :

Chinook’s Expressions Designer Decals,

Specializing in customized decals for the business owner and hobbyist.  We use the best vinyl in the industry and we are happy to say, like you, we are survivors, and we will live the American Dream one of these days when we are in charge of our own destiny not worrying about if we will have a job the next day.

Check us out on e-Bay under Chinook’s Treasures in the meanwhile where we are still selling our stuff around the house but now have introduced our vinyl items. 


In the meanwhile, check out the many blogs from Chinook the Ferret, our beloved ferret whom passed away in 2012 but is our company’s new mascot for our new beginning.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Honoring the Chinook the Ferret Name

  1. Chinook the Ferret says:

    Chinook, you were on this planet for a very brief moment in time then you were gone. Your passing went unnoticed by most but not by me. Life went on but you have made an ever lasting impact on my heart. In a way, I have not move on, I still collect everything that has a “ferret” on it and 3 years later as I write this post there is not one day that I do not think of you or stare at a corner in the house and see shadows from yesterday, seeing you looking up on me with lovely eyes then I blink my eyes and realized I am just looking at a corner table where your play pen once stood. Miss you Chinook. You were a ferret lost on a cold night and we found you and took you into our home and our hearts and named you Chinook. You gave me the happiest years and then you were gone. I love you Chinook and know you are dooking in Heaven with your pal Nikomi free from pain and are happy in the fields of the Heavenly clouds of the Rainbow Bridge. Miss you


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